How this thing got started…

After years of suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, my dad took an inevitable fall in October of 2016, landing him in the hospital. The hospital stay lead to a nearly deadly bout of sepsis, which lead to major surgery. He spent another month in the hospital and experienced a miraculous (if temporary) recovery. Richard ended up in a nursing home in early January 2017. He was essentially bedridden; he had limited physical mobility. But his mind was all there.

Acutely aware that his time was limited (on his first night, orderlies wheeled a deceased patient past his room) my dad and I spent the last 6 months of his life on a mission to locate, organize, and catalog the large body of his stained glass works. My father was a brilliant artist and lived his life valuing art, music and culture. But he was a lousy record-keeper. That’s where my left brain comes in, albeit sporadically. (Keep reading and you’ll get it).

Armed with my laptop, some blurry photos, old slides, and what we called “the bible” (complete with chicken scratch notes in the margins), I’d head to the nursing home. I was tanned, rested and more than ready to compile a beautiful database of my dad’s 40+ years of work. (Meanwhile, my dad’s stained glass projects weren’t limited to Catholic Churches, and my left brain was twitching). We did make some progress though…

The bible and the chicken scratch notes
Richard’s notes in the margins of a Catholic Church Directory from 1993.

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