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Westminster Presbyterian Church

“I am the vine, you are the branches”

This is a small brochure I ran across when I was sorting through my “dad stuff” (more evidence of the ways this project seems to thwart and inspire me at the same time). The windows were completed in 1979. The pamphlet was created for a re-dedication ceremony of the windows 35 years later in 2014. My humble father was the guest of honor. It was a remarkable evening and it meant so much to my dad; to have his work acknowledged in a relatively big way. Each photo describes in detail the message and intent of the design.

It is another piece in the puzzle, and another project I can add to the crazy database I’ve been compiling. Eventually I’ll have enough information to construct a map – a virtual tour – of his projects. Woot!

If you’re in Ann Arbor, I encourage you to visit Westminster Presbyterian Church at 1500 Scio Church Rd., to view these windows in person.


Then What Happened?

…We did make some progress though

We were able to make contact with a few of the churches in the bible, including the Dominican Sisters Motherhouse in Oxford, MI. They provided us with these photos, and I believe this is one of my dad’s most beautiful projects, ever. When I showed my mom the photo of St. Rose (below) she said “nobody could paint on glass like your dad”. And I looked at the photo again and thought, wow, you’re right. I mean, look at her. Really, look.

When I see St. Rose, I see absolute beauty and creativity and raw talent. And I remember, as overwhelming and frustrating as this sporadic endeavor has been, I know that this is my purpose. And I know that his work deserves to be seen.

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