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Original Fine Art from the Mid 20th Century
Stained and Faceted Glass Design and Craftsmanship

Fine Art

“Dance for Richelle”
Abstract Oil on Canvas
Detroit, MI 1962

Richard’s ultimate artistic niche was liturgical stained glass design, but he never stopped painting and drawing using a multitude of mediums. His mid 20th century oil paintings are especially relevant today.

Stained and
Faceted Glass

Faceted Glass Project for New Construction
Alpena, MI 2001

Richard’s body of Stained Glass work is vast. He designed and created over 100 original stained glass works for churches and commercial projects. He also completed hundreds of window restoration projects over the years, including the complete restoration of a Tiffany Window on the University of Michigan campus.

About Richard

Richard Marks at the
Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts
(Now the College for Creative Studies)
Circa 1958

Read more about Richard’s legacy, from 6 year old prodigy, to starving (but promising) artist, to career stained glass designer and craftsman. In the 1970’s, Richard began to implement the design and craft of faceted glass windows (dalle de vere) elevating his status a leader in the field.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present wisely and earnestly”

Richard was raised a devout Catholic, and had a deep understanding of various religious denominations.  He collaborated closely with his clients, delivering his unique interpretation of the story they wanted to tell.
Faceted Glass Stained Glass Windows for new construction
Alpena, MI Circa 2001
Richard was able to optimize the use of the negative space in his faceted glass designs. Note the small window in the left side of the photo. .

  • Westminster Presbyterian Church
    Westminister Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor Michigan. Stained Glass Windows Dedicated in 1979. Brochure from re-dedication Ceremony (35 years) in 2014.
  • Then What Happened?
    …We did make some progress though We were able to make contact with a few of the churches in the bible, including the Dominican Sisters Motherhouse in Oxford, MI. They provided us with these photos, and I believe this is one of my dad’s most beautiful projects, ever. When I showed my mom the photoContinue reading “Then What Happened?”

About Me

Richelle Marks is the oldest child of Richard and Sandra Marks, and the (overwhelmed) archivist of her father’s legacy.

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